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Exceeding Personal Goals

Finding a Career Path


Karen*, 19, learned that she would need to move out of her shared housing with only a couple of weeks’ notice. Having spent much of her childhood in foster care, Karen was used to moving. Now independent, however, she knew finding safe and stable housing would be a challenge, especially on her limited budget. Nonetheless, she told her ILP case manager that she was not going to let this obstacle interrupt her progress toward her goals.

While working with her case manager to find somewhere to move by the deadline, Karen kept up all of her commitments. She went to work, attended her college classes, cared for her one-year-old, and made time to participate in living skills workshops offered by ILP.

In time, she found somewhere to live and her case manager helped her get set-up in her new home.

We are proud of Karen for staying focused on her goals and making choices she knew were best for herself and her son.


Exceeding Personal Goals

Jerry has made tremendous progress over the last year as he sought to gain independence in many areas of his life. When challenges arose, he overcame them through drive and determination.

As a result, he gained confidence in his abilities and came closer to achieving his top priority goals. He ended the year with a 3.95 GPA in his college courses in criminal justice. He moved into his first apartment. He decided to share his talents by volunteering on ILP committees and helping to present special events for his peers.

Our staff observed that Jerry frequently exceeds his own goals and expectations. He has a bright future.


Finding a Career Path

When Elsa first came for services, she was struggling through a difficult time. Her housing was unstable and she was overwhelmed by all she did not understand about finding her first real job after completing training in child development.

She took full advantage of the support and opportunities provided through ILP. We helped her evaluate housing options, understand rental agreements, and plan her budget. Then one of our case managers accompanied her to look at housing possibilities that fit her budget, teaching Elsa in the process how to evaluate an apartment, what questions to ask the landlord, and how to prioritize her requirements. Soon she found a studio apartment that met her needs.

At the same time, she was building her job search skills, receiving coaching on her resume, learning how to read a job description, and practicing for job interviews. She secured a full-time job at a childcare center.

After a few months of the job, her employer gave her a glowing review, noting Elsa’s skill in working with children and the compassion, patience, and work ethic that she brings to the center each day.


*Names have been changed to protect client privacy.

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