Why ILP Exists

Why Is ILP Needed

“As far as what ILP has helped me overcome, it’s by far amazing. Before ILP, I saw myself as a stereotypical foster kid. I thought there was no way I was ever going to make it through high school, no way I’d ever be able to afford college. Thanks to ILP, I gained confidence. I’ve been given renewed hope and dreams for the future. I now believe I can become someone and do something with my life.” - A former foster youth served through our ILP

ILP is here for youth at a key transition point in their lives. Opportunities are huge, pitfalls are abundant, and youth are working without the safety net of a supportive, stable family.

“Helping these youth now benefits society in the long run because without adequate resources to transition into adulthood, former foster youth become unable to support themselves and must rely on state resources. It is a win-win to help them develop their intellect and confidence so they can achieve independence and ultimately help others.”
- The John Burton Foundation for Children Without Homes

According to “At Greater Risk, California Foster Youth and the Path from High School to College,” the Stuart Foundation’s 2013 report about California’s foster youth outcomes:

  • 45% of foster youth completed high school, compared with 53% of similarly disadvantaged youth and 79% of the general student population;
  • 43% of foster youth enrolled in community college, compared with 46% of similarly disadvantaged youth and 59% of the general student population;
  • 41% of the foster youth who enrolled in college remained enrolled in community college for a second year, compared with 48% of similarly disadvantaged youth and 62% of the general student population.

FCS’s ILP partners with youth, foster families, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, the business community, and educational institutions to overcome the odds and improve these outcomes.

You can help.

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